How-To: DIY Mimosa Pops for Bridal Showers

Mango Strawberry Mimosa Pops(via GreenWeddingShoes)

diy bridal shower popsicle party

Mango Strawberry Mimosa Pop
• mango orange juice
• fresh strawberries
• prosecco
• 3 oz dixie cups
• small bamboo forks purchased at Target

1. Mix 1 cup of OJ with ½ cup Proscecco
2. Pour into 8 small dixie cups – should fill up about ¾ of the way. Put in the freezer for 30 minutes
3. While those are freezing, take 5 large strawberries and puree with ¼ cup OJ
4. Add this next layer to the popsicles along with the bamboo forks in the center and freeze overnight
5. Enjoy!

makes 6 pops (you can easily double or triple to make more)



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